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How to Prevent Foggy Glasses with Anti Fog Kit?

Anti Fog Kit

One can prevent foggy glasses with an anti-fog kit. Although COVID-19 brings this difficulty all around the world, as everyone is wearing a mask. But people living in cold places often experience this situation, as they often cover their noses with wool mufflers.

This especially creates problems while you are driving a motorbike or any other transport. Therefore, it's really important to keep our eyeglasses clear while wearing a mask or wool muffler. Otherwise, it can cause accidents while driving.

Where The Glasses Get Fog

The fog forms on eyeglasses due to the condensation process. When water vapor hit a cool surface tiny water droplets are formed this process is known as condensation. Similarly, when we breathe our lungs are moist, and water vapors came out when we breathe out. When wearing masks or other nose coverings, these vapors hit our eyeglasses. The glass temperature is low, and as a result, your eyeglasses get foggy.

Foggy glasses do not occur in warm weather. There are some situations when you are not wearing masks but still getting foggy glasses. Like, when using an oven to get the food, opening the dishwasher, or moving from a cold to a warm room. You may notice that all the above conditions involve instant temperature change.

Eye Care Studio Offering Anti Fog Kit

While keeping in consideration consumer demand, Eyecare Studio added anti-fog products to its racks long before the COVID situation. As we know what our customers need and what they expect from Eyecare Studio. When talking about Anti-fog products for your eyeglasses, we have different brands available.

However, the application and the results are almost the same with all anti-fog kits. All anti-fog kits we have at our stores are compatible with every type of eyeglasses. You have to apply it on the lens surface to make a thin layer. After that wipe it with the microfiber cloth that comes with the kit. Please remember that do not ever wash the anti-fog cloth, as it will lose its properties that make your glasses fog resistant.

Other Methods to Prevent Foggy Glasses

  1. Switch to Anti-Fog Lenses

If you can afford a new pair of glasses or you are already planning to get a replacement. Then consider buying lenses with a built-in anti-fog layer. This helps you to fight against fog without any hassle. These lenses have a special coating that reduces water vapor formation on your glasses.

  1. Wear Glasses on Top of the Mask

If you are wearing a mask or wool mufflers, try to seat your glasses on top of your mask. This way you can block, the breathing coming into your glasses. If you place your glasses behind the mask, it will create more fog and vapors.

If the above method does not work for you, then try to wear glasses a little further out on your nose. This allows more airflow and helps avoid fogging. This does not mean that you need to move it to the tip of your nose. Rather a little play around can help a lot.

Wrapping Up

It is not always a mask that can make your glasses foggy. You can get fog on glasses either indoors or outdoors. This process can irritate you when you are doing something really important. The product which you use to make glasses fog free must be eye-friendly. There are many home remedies claiming they work but in fact, they don’t.


Just like applying vinegar, toothpaste can cause damage to lenses rather than making them fog free. If you want to keep your glasses in good working order, then always use authentic ways to keep your glasses clear and mist free. Follow the above hacks or try to refine these concepts according to your needs. The best which I like the most is using antifog spray or gel. As it is a hassle-free process, which needs no effort from your side.


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