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Gift Your Buddy a Pair of Sunglasses in this Holiday Season!

sunglasses in singapore

Well, A best friend or a buddy is someone with whom we can share everything without the nervousness of being judged. So why not gift them something which would make their life pleasing and also express your adoration for them? Yes, we are articulating about sunglasses! Sunglasses are a terrific way to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Not only this, but they also make for a superb fashion accessory. You can discover a variety of stylish sunglasses for men, women, and children, and select the immaculate pair for your buddy!

So go ahead and gift your buddy a pair of sunglasses in Singapore this holiday season with these 7 tips:

Style Matters When it Comes to Your Buddy

We all know about our best friend's style. Just like apparel, there are various styles of sunglasses available in the market. You need to determine a style that will suit your buddy's personality. If they are more into fashion or new trends, then go for a trendy and chic pair. If they desire function over fashion, then go for a pair that delivers good coverage and shelter from the sun.

Choose the Right Size

Once you have decided on the style, the next action is to select the right size. If the sunglasses are too big or too small, they will not look right and might even fall off while your mate is wearing them. To discover the right size, take a glimpse at your buddy's face shape and prefer a pair accordingly. If they have a round face, then go for square or rectangular frames. If they have an oval face, then any type of frame will look good on them.

Yes, Colors Matter Too!

Colors play a meaningful role in choosing the right pair of sunglasses in Singapore for your buddy. If they are someone who appreciates experimenting with colors, then go for a vigorous and funky pair. If they are more into classic and timeless styles, then stick to black or brown frames. You can also select a color that complements their skin tone and hair color.

Think About the Lens Type

The type of lens is also a fundamental factor to contemplate while selecting sunglasses for your friend. If they are someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, then go for a pair with polarized lenses. These lenses enable reduced glare and offer better clarity. If they are more into fashion, then go for mirrored or gradient lenses. Furthermore, if they have sensitive eyesight, then go for photochromic lenses that automatically darken in bright sunlight.

Don't Forget the Budget

Well, we all have a budget, and it is essential to stick to it while shopping for sunglasses. You can find a great pair of sunglasses within your budget if you know where to look. There are diverse online stores that offer discounts on sunglasses in Singapore from time to time. You can also wait for the end-of-season sales to grab a bargain on your favorite pair.

Look for Additional Features

When you are purchasing sunglasses for your mate, scrutinize for additional features that will make them love their new pair even more. If they are into outdoor activities, then go for a pair with anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses. If they wear prescription glasses, then examine for a pair with clip-on lenses.

Wrapping It Up: A best friend deserves the best, and sunglasses make for a great gift! With these tips, you can easily select a pair of sunglasses in Singapore that your buddy will love. So go ahead and make this holiday season even more special for them! You can purchase a pair of sunglasses from EyeCare Studio. We offer a wide range of sunglasses for men, women, and children. Visit our website to check out our latest collection!

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